Feb 15 2015

There’s Gold In Them-Thar Nanotubes! – Medical Advances Now Tied to Technological Acceleration

Credit Jing Claussen

An extraordinary wave of new interventions, treatments, medical tools and new and more precise medical knowledge is upon us. They will propel the progression of better and faster diagnosis, treatments cures and prevention,

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Nov 25 2014

Should We Plan on Living Beyond Age 100? “Longevity Risk” and Retirement Revisited


A key theme I write about in RetirementSingularity.com is the idea that we are, I believe, not too far away from being able to extend human healthy life spans well beyond age 120. In my mind, an important unknown is when this will become an accessible and practical reality. My best guess is that the science that will enable this will start showing up in about 15 – 20 years. Since this is not that far away, and likely within your life expectancy, don’t you think it should be something you pay attention to?

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Nov 02 2014

The Coming Age of Unprecedented Healthy Life Extension and Why You Should Be Cheering It On!

Cheer It On!

Maybe not! Consider that retirement planning is about the future – your future. And given the acceleration of change in our world, consider that your future will be dramatically different than your past.

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Jun 27 2014

Financing A Long-Lived Future – Zoomer Article


cast your mind into the future when advances in science, nutrition and health care begin to take hold and extend our lifespans. It will be a time when age 80 won’t mean falling prey to the typical decline of mind and body that we normally associate with old age. Instead, he suggests we’ll be healthy, energetic and willing and able to keep learning – and keep working.

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May 22 2014

The End of Retirement as We Know It – Executive Summary

The End of Retirement As We Know It

Essentially in every crucial area that retirement planning makes assumptions, dramatic changes are coming. I believe that how we think about and plan our retirement is about to be completely undone.

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May 04 2014

Fireside Chat with Zoltan Istvan – Author of “The Transhumanist Wager”

The Transhumanist Wager cover

“It’s the idea that if everyone would just, in a one-time event, dedicate one percent of their net worth to life-extension science, that would be something like a trillion dollars- we would almost certainly be able to, in say ten to fifteen years’ time, conquer most diseases and probably eliminate human death itself.” Zoltan Istvan

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Apr 29 2014

Your Retirement Is About Your Future – So Shouldn’t Retirement Advisors Be Listening to Futurists?


It is time for financial planners to incorporate the insights of futurists. They need to do their best to help their clients consider life scenarios that take into account possible future outcomes. They need to become Retirement Futurists!

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Mar 20 2014

Your Retirement Readiness Greatly Depends On These Two Big Swing Factors


Have enough to retire? Some leading retirement researchers have shown that how much you will spend on health care in your retirement, and how long you will live are huge swing-factors in how “retirement ready” you are. Of course your life span and health costs in retirement are unknowable – so what can we do about this? Do we just throw the dice?

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Dec 08 2013

Towards Real Progress in Healthy Life Extension – Update On Google’s Calico and the Importance of Mouse Rejuvenation


Will proof of concept of anti-aging therapies in mammals be enough to turn the tide in public ambivalence? Personally, while convincing proof of concept will help, the reluctance of a large part of society to see healthy life extension as desirable will likely take much more. A large amount of grass-roots discussion, debate and communication at all levels of society, led by those who have thought it through will be needed.

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Nov 17 2013

Why The Increasing Pace of Innovation and Disruption Matters To Your Life and Retirement

ExponenTech copy

Impacts to your income, your assets, your pension safety, your longevity are just a few reasons that the exponential advances in technology need to be part of your thinking and planning.

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