Oct 02 2012

3D Printing; Creative AND Destructive Technology

3D Printing – printing out 3-Dimensional objects by adding layers upon layers of material using what looks like a desktop printer – is quickly approaching the point at which it will have major disruptive impact on areas of the economy and our lives.

In the following video, listen to Alex Daley of Casey Research discuss this disruptive technology.

3D Printing or “additive manufacturing”  is rapidly approaching the price / utility point of being a truly creative AND disruptive force in manufacturing, retail and nearly all areas of the economy.


So, when will you get your first 3D printer for home use?


How do you think 3D printing will effect the economics of our world in the next 10 years?  Share your comments below. 



3D Printing is one of four transformative technologies that Alex highlights in his talk. Check out his full talk at;

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  1. Here’s another take on the “destructive” potential! http://www.wired.com/dangerroom/2012/10/3d-gun-blocked

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