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Mar 03 2013

Five Financial Impacts of Retirement Singularity

The coming transformation of our world due to advances in technology will impact your financial life in many ways. Five big ones will be; How much you will need to retire, How your pensions may not be able to be counted on, How most investments will be impacted, How your job or business may change or disappear, and How medical related expenses take on new importance.

How much you would need to “retire”
The safety of your pensions
Stock valuations and your investments
Job / Business viability
How you save for and fund medical expenses

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Nov 16 2012

Retirement Planning; Are You Gambling With Your Future?

CBC TV needed a financial planner to provide some comments about a story they were doing on a big lottery jackpot. What was prompting their interest was a recent survey that suggested a large percentage of Canadians were “planning” on either a lottery win or an inheritance as a component in their financial future! For those who have been following the Retirement Singularity blog, you will know that I believe conventional thinking about retirement is missing the HUGE implications that advances in technology will have on our lives.

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Oct 16 2012

Frightening Facts of Retirement’s Singularity

This article really lays out the crisis of Retirement Planning. However the solution for many if not most people lies in a transformation in how they see their lives unfolding given the emerging Retirement Singularity.

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Oct 12 2012

Jason Silva on Convergence of InfoTech BioTech & NanoTech

Technology is advancing at an increasing rate. One phenomenon that fuels this is the overlapping of technologies. This convergence of technologies will accelerate change and will likely surprise us in its impacts to our daily lives in the years ahead. We live in interesting times!

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Oct 02 2012

3D Printing; Creative AND Destructive Technology

3D Printing is a Creative AND Disruptive technology whose time has nearly come. 3D Printing or “additive manufacturing” is rapidly approaching the price / utility point of being a truly creative AND disruptive force in manufacturing, retail and nearly all areas of the economy.

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Sep 24 2012

How Technology Will Impact Your Financial Future

Because of the way we think about the future, we typically under-estimate the impact of exponential changes. Technology is advancing exponentially. Partly because the new technology is used to create the more powerful successor. How is this, and will this, show up in our financial lives?

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Oct 23 2011

John Mauldin at Singularity Institute 2011

Mauldin described 7 Huge Waves of change that will hit us over the next 20 years. After many years of building, the technological advances will soon propel another economic and investment boom.

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Apr 05 2011

Extreme Longevity: Exploring Retirement and Social Implications

Initially the coming explosion in medical advances will mean we will be able to cure and prevent most of the big diseases. This means more older people living longer. Still, until the medical advances are wide-ranging, the prospects of living to 110 and beyond will put a big strain on personal finances. We will need and want more money to fund emerging treatments and cures not yet covered by medical plans.

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Mar 19 2011

Making Your Money Last; The “Sequence of Return” Risk

When you are withdrawing money from a portfolio, the SEQUENCE of Investment Returns will have a strong impact on how much money you have left, and how quickly it could run out if you don’t watch it.

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Feb 03 2011

Elements of Your Retirement Plan

Retirement Planning contains many elements. The approaching Singularity will change every element.

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