May 17 2013

Exploring Radical Life Extension – David Duncan – When I’m 164

Life extension is getting more attention these days. David Duncan came out with a short book called “When I’m 64” and this TED talk is a decent summary of the book. He basically took the Beatles song “When I’m 64” and added a century!

– Interesting survey of the audience of how long people want to live

– Reviews ways we might live to 164

– Discusses the downsides and upsides of living that long


TEDxBrussels – David Duncan – When I’m 164

“From a pill for longevity to a personal reserve of stem cells, David Duncan explores the pros and cons of the potential treatments that could let us live to …”

Medical science, enabled by exponentially advancing technologies, will have dramatically wider reaching capabilities over the decades to come. Because of the speed of the advances and breakthroughs, we will often be caught by surprise by what is possible.

While the prospects of radical life-extension are mostly theoretical at this point, don’t be surprised if significant breaksthroughs do occur even in the next few years.

One recent study is interesting as it seems to confirm the potential of a anti-inflammatory supplement that I’ve been taking – based on some other research I came across about 2 years ago.

A recent study appearing in the Nature reported a surprising anti-aging effect by suppressing the expression of a certain hormone in mice.

““Many different aspects of aging are being slowed together,” said Richard Miller, a biogerontologist at the University of Michigan… “That means that whatever they’re working on is somehow slowing that basic aging process itself.”  

 Click on this link for a review of the article.

The supplement that seems to suppress this same hormone is called “Anatabloc”.  A look at the science behind this anti-inflammatory supplement can be found at this link.

One researcher I follow is convinced this supplement will itself increase average healthy lifespans. The logic is that inflammation is at the root of many processes of illness and aging. Whether this claim of longer life turns out to be true or not, this is just one example of how researchers are honing in on the processes of aging. Living a longer and healthier life is I think in the cards – in particular for those who pay attention!

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