Jan 07 2011

Extreme longevity? Better plan on it!

Living to well beyond age 100 in good health is very likely be common place within 20 years.  Does this sound crazy?  Not at all.  Advances in regenerative medicine are continuing at an escalating pace that  radically challenge our ideas of old age and retirement.  

RetirementSingularity.com is devoted to exploring the implications of this, and other aspects of technological advances, on retirement planning and investment planning.  What should you do now? How will you need to adapt to this emerging future?

CBC’s The Nature of Things program aired a documentary in 2007 entitled “Living Forever: The Longevity Revolution” which provides a great 52 minute overview of the science of extreme life extension.    You can still find this video online at this link;


… better dust off that retirement projection.



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