Jun 27 2013

Healthy Life Extension or Extended Expensive Illness – Mostly Our Choice

What is in your Future? Healthy Life Extension or Extended Expensive Illness?

Technological advances are indeed bringing the prospect of radical healthy life extension. But what about the years before that becomes available to you? The timing of the arrival of anti-aging and rejuvenation therapies developed from biotechnology, nanotechnology, genetics is unknown. Are you risking “making the cut” because of not taking these advances seriously in how you lead your life?

The message in this 1 minute video is perhaps the most important one in your life. Namely, it is possible to greatly control how we will experience “old age”.


Healthy Life Extension or prolonged illness? The Heart and Stroke F oundation asks: “What will your last 10 years look like?”

This artistically made video is only one minute but the messages it contains are profound. Besides the obvious higher quality of life you will have by staying healthy, can you identify other messages?

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