Oct 16 2012

Frightening Facts of Retirement’s Singularity

This article really lays out the crisis of Retirement Planning. However the solution for many if not most people lies in a transformation in how they see their lives unfolding given the emerging Retirement Singularity.

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Oct 12 2012

Jason Silva on Convergence of InfoTech BioTech & NanoTech

Technology is advancing at an increasing rate. One phenomenon that fuels this is the overlapping of technologies. This convergence of technologies will accelerate change and will likely surprise us in its impacts to our daily lives in the years ahead. We live in interesting times!

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Oct 02 2012

3D Printing; Creative AND Destructive Technology

3D Printing is a Creative AND Disruptive technology whose time has nearly come. 3D Printing or “additive manufacturing” is rapidly approaching the price / utility point of being a truly creative AND disruptive force in manufacturing, retail and nearly all areas of the economy.

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Sep 24 2012

How Technology Will Impact Your Financial Future

Because of the way we think about the future, we typically under-estimate the impact of exponential changes. Technology is advancing exponentially. Partly because the new technology is used to create the more powerful successor. How is this, and will this, show up in our financial lives?

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Mar 29 2012

Radical Life Extension and Your Retirement Plan

For most people recently – or about to – retire, one of the keys to a successful retirement plan is to understand the financial implications of radical life extension. … The damage that our faulty biological programming causes is repairable and ultimately fixable!

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Mar 13 2012

Nano-swimmers and Life Extention

One of the more fantastic seeming predictions having to do with extreme life extention involves the use of microscopic nanobots swimming around in our bloodstream monitoring our health, clearing debris and toxins and keeping us healthy from the inside out. So far this month, a number of reports show how medical technologies are actually working …

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Oct 23 2011

John Mauldin at Singularity Institute 2011

Mauldin described 7 Huge Waves of change that will hit us over the next 20 years. After many years of building, the technological advances will soon propel another economic and investment boom.

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Oct 10 2011

Seven Ways Frankenstein Relates to Singularity

The play Frankenstein is based on the classic book by Shelley which was actually written in 1818. What I found remarkable was the number of familiar themes in the telling of Frankenstein and themes in the Singularity.

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Jun 13 2011

Watson to Extend Longevity?!

Watson is being fed a steady diet of medical knowledge including recent journals. He (she/it?) is being groomed to assist medical professionals – but is likely about 2 years from a practical and safe application. But thinking 3-5 years down the road, the implications are mind-blowing.

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May 11 2011

The NEW “New Retirement” and 5 “Need To’s”

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