Mar 25 2013

Ray Kurzweil on Radical Life Extension AND Expansion

Kurzweil on Radical Life Extension / Expansion

In this video, Ray Kurzweil talks about how advances in technology are leading to radical life extension. But contrary to the worry of some people, this is not a matter of spending more years in a rocking chair disabled and bored! Rather, the same exponential advances in technology that will increase our life spans, will lead to radical new worlds of possibilities. Or as Ray says, this is about “radical life expansion” not just “extension”.

Check out the video here (length = 3:44). 
 Ray Kurzweil —Director of Engineering at Google, famous inventor,
author of How to Create a Mind
The discussion in this video about becoming more and more non-biological as we replace parts with “upgrades” will leave many shaking their heads. However, keep in mind the future that Kurzweil describes will occur through thousands of small steps. Replacing bad knees, cavities, hearing aids, artificial hearts etc. using technology are accepted as will – Kurzweil argues – these more radical changes.
How does this future sound to you?

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