May 08 2013

Retirement Income Planning Techniques – Just Don’t Kick the Bucket

Creating Your Retirement Income Plan

I came across this retirement income video that describes a very similar approach that I take when providing retirement income advice. 

Looking at your retirement savings as belonging to different buckets based on different purposes is the main idea. The "bucket approach" is not new, but it is effective in dealing with the way we as humans think about our money as being in distinct "buckets" such as the bucket for the next couple of years, the longer-term growth bucket, etc. 

Retirement Singularity explores the world of radical life extension and technological creative-destruction. So my buckets would include;

– the health care fund bucket

– the sustainable income bucket

– the re-training expense bucket

For more on why these buckets make sense, refer to my 40 page report called "The End of Retirement As We Know It". Just click on the link to download the report. It will definitely redefine what your retirement income plan should be!


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