May 14 2013

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Singularity University’s Salim Ismail on the Age of Technological Disruption

Singularity University’s Salim Ismail on the Age of Technological Disruption

Creative Destruction on the way! This 5-minute interview with Salim Ismail is a great run-down of how technology will cause significant disruptions. Important to see this coming so we can be ready to adapt – and perhaps “surf” the changes, Vs. getting swamped. Retirement Singularity focuses on personal and financial implications to help you survive and thrive.

As Salim says in this video, all our institutions, organizations and government structures were created over 100 years ago. As technology’s exponential advances make their way into the economy, the educational system, the medical system, etc they are not able to keep up.

Interview with Salim Ismail, founding director of Singularity University on the Creative Destruction of technological disruption. 

Technological destruction of old models of doing things is already with us. Just see what happened to companies in industries like photography (Kodak), video-rental (Blockbuster), and book publishing as key examples of businesses that were not able to adapt to changes in technology. Huge changes coming in energy (solar energy), medicine (biotech & nanotech) and manufacturing (3D printing). Soon, all parts of our lives will be impacted.

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