Oct 06 2013

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The Future And You – Interviews Michael Nuschke of Retirement Singularity


Stephen Euin Cobb interviews Michael Nuschke

Stephen Euin Cobb interviews Michael Nuschke

Recently, Stephen Euin Cobb, of the podcast series “The Future and You“,  interviewed Michael Nuschke (AKA ‘me’) on all things “Retirement Singularity”. We got into healthy life extension, technological disruption, life coaching and the impacts on personal finances.

In particular we discussed most of the themes inside the “End of Retirement As We Know It” report. The interview was aired in 2 segments of about 30 minutes each.


I’ve put the audio tracks below and a rough outline of the topics discussed along with approximate time so you can skip to a topic of interest.




The Future And You – Interviews Michael Nuschke – Part 1

Part 1 of the interview discusses how the retirement planning profession is missing the coming impacts of technology’s creative-destruction and life extension, and investment strategies to avoid loss and capture gains.

00:00 – Intro and about me

02:45 – On how the retirement planning profession is not prepared for these changes

07:40 – Creative – Destructive forces will redefine the job market and business, and the implications to Retirement Planning

09:20 – Changes will come in your life time – so should be part of planning

10:15 – Challenges to investing from disruptions of technology.  Look to avoid loss, and ride profits

11:40 – Types of investing strategies in technology

12:45 – Big tech companies like Google

15:00 – Emerging technologies

17:35 – Avoiding loss  from the “Kodak/Blockbuster” effect

20:00 – Example of eBooks and Solar Energy

26:45 – Building Streams of Sustainable Income

27:00 – On how “retirement” may become obsolete

28:00 – Financial risks of living long


 The Future And You – Interviews Michael Nuschke – Part 2

Part 2 continues with discussion of several components of the Report’s “R.E.C.I.P.E.” formula for transforming your life according to a new framework that is in harmony with the accelerating changes to come.

00:00 – The 4th Step in the 6-step R.E.C.I.P.E. formula  “Invest in your human capital”

04:40 – Plan Your Next Livelihood – the 5th step, discusses planning your next chapter and gets into life-coaching

15:40 – The 2nd step = Elevate Health Related Activities in Your Life – all about slowing and eventually reversing aging, and the 3 bridges to that as discussed by Kurzweil and Gross in their book “Transcend

19:00 – Staying healthy

21:00 – The report’s list of 12 Action Steps  – and on finding a doctor who supports preventative medicine vs. the current disease/drug model

26:00 – On what would you do if you knew you were going to live a very long time

28:00 – The significant global benefits of promoting healthy life extension

To download a copy of the report, just go here;


The End of Retirement As We Know It

The End of Retirement As We Know It


Here are the direct  links to the 2 part interview on Stephen Euin Cobb’s “The Future And You” podcast site;

Part 1 =    http://thefutureandyou.libsyn.com/the-future-and-you-september-11-2013

Part 2 =  http://thefutureandyou.libsyn.com/the-future-and-you-september-18-2013

There are many other interviews of interest on Stephen’s site worth checking out at http://thefutureandyou.libsyn.com/

Your ideas and comments are always welcome!  May you live long, live well, and prosper!


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