Jun 09 2015

The Future of Business – Book Launch Notes

FutureOfBusinessCover I am excited to be part of a collaborative book called The Future of Business; Critical Insights on a Rapidly Changing World by 60 Futurists”. This is a unique book that contains the considered insights of 60 futurists from around the world. A futurist is someone who has chosen to elucidate some aspect of our future – usually with an aim to help us anticipate and prepare.

So as one of the chosen 60 contributing authors, what did I decide to write about?

As a reader of RetirementSingularity.com you hopefully realize that my focus is on how accelerating advances in technology will impact you and your retirement. So being invited to be part of a book that is aimed primarily at business leaders was a different approach for me. But I did not have to go too far outside my focus since you and I are the consumers that the businesses of tomorrow will need to understand in order to survive and thrive.

My chapter is entitled, “The Future of Personal Income and Expenses – How Technological Advances Will Impact Your Wallet”. It is indeed true; technology will deeply impact how we earn, save and spend our money. In this chapter I lay out 8 key changes to your future incomes, and 8 key changes to your future expenses.  I’ll be posting my chapter and additional commentary on this topic on this blog after a ‘cooling off’ period of promoting the book launch.

In the meantime, please do check out the book’s website – there is a quite a bit of interesting content on it, including short videos by most of the authors. Those who buy the book will also get access to longer videos by many of the authors.

Book’s home page:   http://fob.fastfuturepublishing.com/index.html

The Authors page: http://fob.fastfuturepublishing.com/authors.html


About the book:

The Future of Business (www.fastfuturepublishing.com) is the first book in theFutureScapes series. The book focuses on the critical social and economic forces, business trends, disruptive technologies, breakthrough developments in science and new ideas that could reshape the commercial environment over the next two decades. It explores how these future factors could come together to force a fundamental rethinking of the purpose,  strategy, business models, values and structures of organizations as they seek to survive and thrive in a rapidly changing reality.

The Future of Business explores the business implications of political, economic and social shifts, cybercurrencies, new business models, and the long term impact of disruptive developments such as neurotechnologies, gene editing, 3D printing, new energy solutions, AI and robotics. It explores the potential emergence of new industries and new organizational forms, and highlights practical strategies for exploring and embedding the future.

The Future of Business is essential reading for business leaders, entrepreneurs and anyone who wants to stay ahead of the curve understand how our world and the world of work could be transformed over the next two decades.


The Future of Business is essential reading for business leaders, entrepreneurs and anyone who wants to stay ahead of the curve understand how our world and the world of work could be transformed over the next two decades.


  1. Visions of the Future– What are the global transformations on the horizon?
  2. Tomorrow’s Global Order– What are the emerging political and economic transformations that could reshape the environment for society and business?
  3. Emerging Societal Landscape– Who are we becoming, how will we live?
  4. Social Technologies– How will tomorrow’s technologies permeate our everyday lives?
  5. Disruptive Developments– How might new technologies enable business innovation?
  6. Surviving and Thriving– How can business adapt to a rapidly changing reality? What are the critical success factors for business in a constantly evolving world?
  7. Industry Futures– How might old industries change and what new ones could emerge?
  8. Embracing the Future– What are the futures / foresight tools, methods and processes that we can use to explore, understand and create the future?
  9. Framing the Future– Why and how should organisations look at the future?
  10. Conclusions– Navigating uncertainty and a rapidly changing reality


This is the kind of book that you can pick up and skip to a chapter of interest and read it in a few minutes. For anyone who wants to tap into the insights of dozens of futurists talking about business, it is a great read.

Live long, live well, and prosper!



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