Nov 29 2012

Why You Should Be Ready to Fund Experimental Treatments

One of the 6 Steps in the R.E.C.I.P.E. formula I discuss in my Retirement Singularity: End of Retirement FREE Report (See the sign-up form to get your copy) is the idea that we should have money set aside to pay for new medical  treatments that are not available in our country and/or covered under medical plans (assuming we have a medical plan!).

One current example of this is stem cell therapy. In certain clinics outside of the more highly regulated countries like  US/Canada/UK stem cell therapies to treat heart disease, MS, arthritis and other diseases are reportedly showing success in stopping or reversing these diseases.

Here are some excerpts from a PR piece from one clinic in Panama that treated a “Dancing With The Stars” participant:

“Pro/Am ballroom dancer and orthodontist, Dr. Janet Vaughan, is once again slated to compete on the professional dance circuit with her current professional partner, Mr. Eddie Stutts (Professional 10-Dance World Champion) following a successful stem cell procedure on her knee in Panama.

In an attempt to repair her knee and get her dancing career back on track, Dr. Vaughan decided to undergo stem cell therapy at the Stem Cell Institute in Panama City, Panama. “I was basically removed from competitive dance work because I could not rise or squat without extreme pain. I had also resigned myself to enduring chronic neck pain from my past accident and painful hand joints due to generalized arthritis,” said Dr. Vaughan.

Dr. Vaughan ‘s knee was treated with stem cells that were harvested from her own adipose (fat) tissue.

… It’s taken about 6 months but I am amazed at the results I’ve gotten with my knee. Even my neck is better. I used to spend almost $1,000 per month on a neuromuscular massage therapist but I haven’t needed any neuromuscular massages for the past 6 months. I wasn’t counting on that. Even my doctors say that the dense scar tissue in my neck has changed in texture from grizzly to smooth, supple tissue,” exclaimed Dr. Vaughan.

She continued, “I just danced 6 hours in Houston preparing for the upcoming competition in Asheville and my knee isn’t even sore.”

With advances in medical science progressing at an accelerating rate, PLUS with the fact that current science is working with exponentially more knowledge (the total body of medical knowledge is doubling about every 5 years), emerging medical treatments are likely to be remarkably more powerful than in the past. The 5-15 year wait to see a newly proven drug or therapy go through the regulatory approval process, means that more and more our access and use of life-saving, life extending and life-enhancing therapies will be in our hands.

People will need to do their homework on what therapies are available worldwide when they are faced with a life-shortening illness. The next 10-20 years will be an amazing period of innovation and new ways to enable a very long, healthy life. However, if we are not prepared to actively stay healthy, we may just miss the cut!

Live Long, Live Well, and Prosper!



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