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What is Retirement Singularity?

Here’s the deal:

– Advances in technology and medical sciences will create massive changes in our culture. The Singularity is when the speed of change switches into ‘warp drive’. (you ain’t seen nothin’ yet)
– Average lifespans will go over 100 years – and eventually much longer.
– These changes are unfolding in an accelerating, exponential manner. We humans have a built-in tendency to think and plan linearly. These changes are HARD TO SEE coming.
– Current Retirement Planning is an example of linear thinking. We need to rethink this area big-time.
– Learn to surf the waves of change instead of getting swamped!
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Author: Michael Nuschke, Retirement Futurist


I’ve been in the financial advice business for over 30 years. After graduating from McGill University in Montreal, I gathered various letters such as  CFP, RFP, CIM, FCSI.  My career took me from stock broker, to “fee-only” financial planner to financial planning advisor.

 I specialize in retirement income planning – how to ensure you don’t run out of money before you run out of life. This gets tricky if you live well past age 100 in good health! As a Retirement Futurist, I am here to help you understand what your future will be like and make the best of it both financially and lifestyle wise.

For over 30 years, I have also have trained in martial arts (Aikido – 3rd dan) and buddhist meditation (certified meditation instructor).  This training  has helped me understand why people have a hard time thinking clearly about the approaching dramatic changes in science, longevity, sometimes called “the Singularity”.

I’ve had a passion in following the advances of science since my college years studying experimental psychology (poor rats!).  I am happy to share this passion and hope you will find some useful information and insights to help you in your life!

Michael Nuschke


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