Sep 22 2013

Ageless Generation: Interview with Alex Zhavoronkov


Alex Zhavoronkov's breakthrough new book

Zhavoronkov’s breakthrough book

Ageless Generation: Interview with Alex Zhavoronkov

The title of Alex Zhavoronkov’s new book “The Ageless Generation: How Advances in Biomedicine Will Transform the Global Economy” pretty well conveys its important theme.

After reading the book, I realized Alex was on my Facebook friend list from previous times I came across his intriguing comments concerning regenerative medicine.

The message of his book is so important and supportive to the heart of that I arranged for an interview to get to know him and get more perspective on his insights.

We spent over 90 minutes discussing some of the themes of his book and his activities in regenerative medicine. I’ve broken this interview into 3 parts and you can find Part 1 below.


The overly simplified message of his book is this;

  • People continue to live longer and the global population is aging
  • The serious financial debt problems that most developed countries face will likely be overcome with the costs of an aging and longer living population. Health care and pension costs will mushroom to untenable proportions
  • From advances in science, we will be able to dramatically enhance health, prevent or cure disease and thus have people – potentially even those now 60+ – live much longer, active and productive lives
  • Having people live much healthy and longer lives means these health care and pension costs can be significantly deferred. It also means people can contribute INTO the system for much longer
  • The speed at which the acceleration in healthy life-spans happens will be greatly influenced by where research dollars are allocated and also influenced by the cultural acceptance of a new longevity meme
  • We should accelerate anti-aging and regenerative medicine research and change the thinking around “retirement” to enjoy this “Longevity Dividend” and avert a huge global financial crisis

Here is Part 1 of my interview with Alex Zhavoronkov where we discuss;

  1. A review of the Chapter outline of his book, and Aubrey de Grey’s praise for it
  2. The approaching tipping point of financial crisis due to the massive costs of pension and healthcare programs AND a tipping point approaching in advances in medical science
  3. The advances in regenerative medicine that are already here
  4. The need to reform medical research and the amazing advances of research happening in China

Watch it on YouTube here:

Parts 2 & 3 will discuss the impacts of an aging population, changing the retirement culture, and Alex’ current activities – and an exciting paradigm to advance medical breakthroughs called “Personal Medicine”.

Live long, live well, and prosper!

Michael Nuschke




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